Five (5) independent beer and cider breweries sought to participate in a pay-for-participation pilot sponsored by Lovejoy United during the period (month, year) to (month, year).

The goal of the pilot is to document the efficacy of a stack of innovative methods to beer sales and production and business optimization which leverage advanced data analytics techniques, supply management, as well as unique marketing and distribution approaches inspired.

Participants can expect to see double digit year over year growth in Oregon market share for products included in the pilot. Participants will be paid by Lovejoy United for participation in the pilots.

If you are a currently licensed beer or cider brewer interested in participating in the pilot, please contact us at for more information.

Pilot scope

  • Distribution in Oregon of products 
  • Placement in select Lovejoy Tap locations.
  • Representation at promotional events
  • Cooperative marketing & promotional support by Lovejoy United
  • Monthly sales reports showing product placements
  • Monthly market analysis
  • Weekly predictive ordering w/ production analysis
  • Digital payments
  • Pilot competitive analysis and sales report explaining results and recommendations for future developments and investments
  • Opportunity for longer-term engagement